About Us

Gray Cell is a software company founded by university professors and experienced IT and power engineers with an aim to provide high-quality software development and smart grid consulting services. Our goal is to apply the deep knowledge and experience gained through years of working in software and electric power industries and academia, and help our customers pull off their next project with less stress and less cost.

Based in Novi Sad, Serbia – the IT center of this part of Europe, we can guarantee the highest quality of service, with the most competitive prices on the market.

Our team has the technology prowess to power you at every stage of your product development lifecycle, from discovery to ongoing post-launch enhancement. We have been refining our expertise across multiple verticals and solutions, and are now able to drive success and minimize risk in a wide range of different projects in software industry.

We are proud of our dedicated team of experts.

Our team consists of four PhDs, ten full-stack developers, four power engineers, one graphic designer and one software tester. All of our people are passionate problem-solvers and have a deep understanding and a strong background in the software industry, both in research and development fields.

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