Our Services

Gray Cell provides custom software development and smart grid consulting services to help you pull off your next project with less stress and less cost. Explore various service models that we can offer.

We provide multiple Service Models

Smart Grid

Smart Grid
- Power systems studies
- Techno-economic analysis
- Data analysis
- Network model verification
- Instrumentation
- Renewable and load forecasting
- Renewable planning
- AI analytics
- Results interpretation
Active Distribution Networks
- Active management of distribution grids
- Distribution system active control and management
- Modeling of active distribution system
- Deriving models for the emerging DERs (both normal and faulted operation)
- Power flow and fault analysis and modeling
- Systems with high penetration of DERs: integration and active management
- Active Network Management (ANM)
- Non-wire alternatives (NWA)
- Power Flow studies of systems with high penetration of renewables
- Optimal power flow
- DER integration
- DER management
- Protection studies
- Fault current studies
- Fault level analysis
- Fault and protection studies in distribution grids with high penetration of renewable DERs
Microgrids and standalone power systems
- Grid-connected and islanded modes of a microgrid: integration, control, and optimal management
- Standalone power systems
- Microgrid fault and protection studies
Transmission Systems
- Primary, Secondary and Tertiary control, and optimization
- Frequency and interchange control
- Market integration
- Volt-VAR control


- Application security
- Information security
- Operation security
- Disaster recovery and business continuity
- End-user education
Technology Consultant
We are ready to deliver professional advice on the right technologies and architectural decision for your future application, as well as provide its scalability roadmap and consult on how to achieve the required level of data protection.
Development from scratch
We provide comprehensive all-round development from the in-depth analysis of your business to user training and support. We can either create a requirements specification at the initial stage in case of traditional linear approach or continuously adapt to changing requirements in case of an Agile development.
Development based on a requirements specification
You share your precise preferences and we do the rest to turn your vision into a real ready-to-go solution.
Legacy software modernization
We upgrade your existing software, enhance its architecture, smoothly integrate new and old solutions and provide safe data migration.

Continuous delivery

Our software development and smart grid services are organized on the continuous delivery framework. It means that design, development, testing and support are all part of a single continuous process were changes of all types-including new features, configuration changes, bug fixes, and experiments-are added into production, or the hands of users, safely and quickly in a sustainable way. Essential benefits of this process are lower risk releases, faster time to market, higher quality, lower cost, better products and happier teams.

System integration

We provide System Integration through the process by which multiple individual subsystems or sub-components are combined into one all-encompassing more extensive system, thereby allowing the subsystems to function together. The symbiosis created through system integration allows the main system to achieve the overarching functionality required by the organization.

Power Systems Studies and Techno-Economic Analysis

Power system studies are essential tools in understanding the expected performance of an electrical system and determining the severity of a fault or other unexpected event. Our system studies focus on the analysis of the customer & adjacent electrical network to provide recommendations on how to optimize its performance while improving the security of the supply. Some of the studies we undertake include Load Flow, Fault Level, Protection Grading and Settings, Arc Flash, Flicker, Dynamic/Transient Stability/Fault Ride Through studies, Frequency Sweep studies and Grid Connection feasibility/Grid Code compliance analysis.

Our techno-economic analysis work examines RD&D areas in terms of costs, benefits, risks, uncertainties, and timeframes to evaluate the attributes of energy technologies.

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