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Explore our success stories here.

Explore our Success stories here.

Q-Sphere, London, [IoT]
Q-Sphere Company from London is specialized in multiple tech verticals: Fintech, IoT and eLearning. In their IoT portfolio, among other products, Q-Sphere is developing proprietary Central Controller (CC) device that is used for sensor data acquisition and communication of the data to the Cloud database.

In this project, Gray Cell developed firmware for the Central Controller to enable advanced Network Routing Protocol which will enable more stable and synchronized operation of multiple CCs fleets in one large system (e.g. in a big business building with more than 500 desks or in a large hotel). Also, a distributed ledger database is developed and used to store data from all CCs in the system to ensure that there is no data loss during emergency operation.

Technology used: Python for Proof of Concept and C++ for production software
Q-Sphere, London [Fintech]
This is an ongoing project with Q-Sphere in Fintech field. Gray Cell have been developing various mathematical and soft computing tools for large Fintech system owned and operated by Q-Sphere.

Gray Cell developed and supports:
• Advanced TimeSeries and financial index structures and Oracle database for data storage,
• Multidimensional Kalman filter for TimeSeries and financial index processing,
• Fast Fourier Transform for TimeSeries and financial index processing,
• Particle Swarm Optimization for parameter tuning in financial optimization process,
• TensorFlow based Financial index forecasting tool,
• Custom Artificial Neural Network built from scratch for financial index forecasting (proof of concept phase).

Technology used: Python, C++, C#
Jiway, Luxembourg [Fintech]
Jiway builds software for private banks that manage very large clients. Gray Cell helped Jiway passing IBM-software based security penetration tests by improving encryption of MS SQL and MongoDB and helped change OTP authentication using Yubikey to a another vendor.

Technology used: Java
AFOS, USA, [Agtech]
Gray Cell developed Animal Feed Optimization Software, AFOS, which is used by agricultural companies. Gray Cell developed this software from scratch and still supports its operation. AFOS is based on Azure and operates as a cloud application with desktop and web clients. AFOS has SaaS clients all around the world, from US to Australia.

Before cloud based AFOS, Gray Cell team created standalone desktop AFOS application (called AFOS v1) which is used by companies with unstable internet connection or companies that wants to manage their own data.

AFOS has respectable market penetration, being used by more than 100 companies around the world and operates in production more than 7 years.

Technology used: C#, Azure
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